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27 December 2020

27th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists

Germany, Kiel, 7-12 September 2021

Deadline: 11 February 2021

Registration for the Kiel Annual Meeting is open. All delegates have to be current (2021) EAA members and pay for AM registration. We wish to encourage all our members to propose sessions relevant to the main themes of the Annual Meeting that include the “environmental” perspective in their scope. EAA particularly welcomes session proposals that reflect on the socio-political dimensions of archaeological knowledge and heritage, in order to facilitate the realignment of accepted practice with current and future requirements adapted to the new normal of COVID and post-COVID era.

Fully adapted to the new situation, the Kiel AM is now conceived and planned as a hybrid meeting, to facilitate on site and remote attendance at the same time. This will not only allow the participation of people in very different conditions, geographical areas and normative circumstances, but will also facilitate the transition to a pure virtual meeting again if the situation requires it. The EAA has now the advantage of the experience gained last year to ensure an improvement in the quality of the Annual Meeting organization, no matter what happens. We look forward to another year of strong participation and contribution from our unique membership and we look forward to gathering physically and/or virtually when the time comes for another successful EAA Annual Meeting.

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