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1 October 2023

Interdisciplinary Ceramic Research in the Peloponnese – Technological Traditions through the Ages

April 4-6, 2024

Deadline: 31 October 2023

For several decades, materials-based analyses have been conducted on archaeological ceramics to shed light on where, how and what for ceramics were produced. These investigations have generally been limited to single wares, sites and/or chronological periods, hindering cross-regional, -cultural and -chronological observations.

In light of this, the OeAI in cooperation with the University of Graz is organizing a conference to promote the dialogue and the exchange of data and ideas amongst scholars working on ceramics from various sites and cultural horizons in the Peloponnese and neighboring regions. The conference aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of how natural resources were utilized and processed over time and how this reflects variations in socio-economic, cultural, and political assets. Additional topics concern variations in the exchange and imitation of foreign wares over time.

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