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16 January 2020

Nostoi II – Traveling in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea + Inland Routes from the Early Bronze to the End of the Early Iron Age

Heraklion, 14-17 January 2021

Deadline: 15 June 2020

The Conference focuses on the region of the Eastern Mediterranean, which includes the area from the south of Corfu to the East, and on a time spanning from the 4th Millennium to the 6th century BC. Travelling, networks and contacts in the ancient Eastern Mediterranean has been the subject of many past conferences, essays and studies, being considered as the decisive factor which promoted cultural interaction and distribution of goods and ideas in the region throughout antiquity. In the last years more evidence has been added to the existing corpus, whereas past interpretations have been reconsidered and new ones have been proposed. This conference adopts a comprehensive approach to the maritime and overland contacts in the entire region of the ancient Eastern Mediterranean, focusing on people, artifacts, means and mechanisms of interaction. The presentation of new evidence is most welcome, as there are also reviews and reconsiderations of the already known ones.

Nostoi-II 1st circular


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