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The Lord of the Gold Rings: the Griffin Warrior of Pylos

Hesperia 85.4 (2016): 627-655

In May 2015, a University of Cincinnati team unexpectedly discovered a large stone-built tomb of Late Helladic IIA date near Tholos Tomb IV on the first day of renewed excavations at the Palace of Nestor, Pylos.

Final Neolithic Crete and the southeast Aegean: supplement 1

Aegean Archaeology 11 (2011-2012) [2015]: 7-34

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This work is the first in a series of articles intended as supplements to the book entitled “Final Neolithic Crete and the Southeast Aegean”, published in 2014. Although the book was released only a year ago, it represents the state of research of early 2013, and in the meantime some new data have come to light which are relevant to the analysis of the transition between the Neolithic and the Early Bronze Age in the south Aegean.

Re-entering Tholos B at Koumasa: the double entrance reconsidered

Aegean Archaeology 11 (2011-2012) [2015]: 61-71

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More than 100 years after the first excavation by Stephanos Xanthoudides, the resumption of the archaeological fieldwork at Koumasa created the rare opportunity to re-study one of the most important tholos cemeteries in the Mesara. The brilliant publication of the site, by Xanthoudides in 1924, remains until today one of the primary sources on Minoan tholoi.

Attribution studies of golden signet rings: new efforts in tracing Aegean goldsmiths and their workshops

Aegean Archaeology 11 (2011-2012) [2015]: 73-88

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The task of attributing seals to different hands or workshops is still a desideratum in Aegean studies, for the identification of Aegean seal-engravers and goldsmiths and their stylistic output could dramatically change our knowledge of the use, circulation and social impact of certain seals or seal groups and refine our methods of dating this (often only roughly datable) medium.

Cyprus. An Island Culture. Society and Social Relations from the Bronze Age to the Venetian Period


Cyprus. An Island Culture. Society and Social Relations from the Bronze Age to the Venetian Period This volume presents the proceedings of the 9th annual conference in Postgraduate Cypriot Archaeology (POCA 2009), which was held at the Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies, University of Oxford from the 19th to the 21st of November 2009. POCA 2009 encompassed 24 presentations by postgraduate students and young researchers, coming from a number of institutions and universities in Europe and the United States.