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9 December 2011

October-December 2011

By Anastasia Christophilopoulou:

  • Düring, B., 2011. The Prehistory of Asia Minor. From Complex Hunter-Gatherers to Early Urban Societies, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • Souvatzi, S., 2008. A Social Archaeology of Households in Neolithic Greece. An Anthropological Approach, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

By Theodoros Giannopoulos:

  • Giannopoulos, T.G., 2008. Die letzte Elite der mykenischen Welt. Achaia in mykenischer Zeit und das Phänomen der Kriegerbestattungen im 12.-11. Jahrhundert v. Chr. [Universitätsforschungen zur prähistorischen Archäologie, Band 152, Dr. Rudolf Habelt], Bonn.

By Erik Hallager:

  • Brogan, T.M. & Erik Hallager, E., (eds), 2011. LM IB Pottery. Relative Chronology and Regional Differences (2 vols), Athens: The Danish Institute at Athens.

By Angelos Hadjikoumis:

  • Hadjikoumis, A., Robinson, E. & Viner, S. (eds), 2011. Dynamics of Neolithisation in Europe: Studies in Ηonour of Andrew Sherratt, Oxford: Oxbow Books.

By Georgia Kourtessi-Philippakis:

  • Kourtessi-Philippakis, G. & Treuil R. (eds), 2011. Archéologie du territoire, de l’Égée au Sahara, Paris: Publications de la Sorbonne.

By Fanis Mavridis:

  • Laskaris, N., Sampson, A., Mavridis F. & Liritzis, I., 2011.‘Late Pleistocene/Early Holocene seafaring in the Aegean: new obsidian hydration dates with the SIMS-SS method’, Journal of Archaeological Science 38.9 (September): 2475-2479. [PDF]

Από τον F.W. McCoy:

  • Novikova, T., Papadopoulos, G.A., & McCoy, F.W., 2011. ‘Modelling of tsunami generated by the giant Late Bronze Age eruption of Thera, South Aegean Sea, Greece’, Geophysical Journal International 186 (2011): 665-680. [PDF]

By Eleftheria Paliou :

  • Paliou, E., 2011. ‘The communicative potential of Theran murals in Late Bronze Age Akotiri: applying viewshed analysis in 3D townscapes’,  Oxford Journal of Archaeology 30.3 (August 2011): 247-272. [PDF]

By Anaya Sarpaki:

  • Sarpaki, A., 2011. ‘Archeobotanical Seed Remains’, in A. Sampson (ed.), The Cave of the Cyclops: Mesolithic and Neolithic Networks in the Northern Aegean, Greece. Volume II: Bone Tool Industries, Dietary Resources and the Paleoenvironment, and Archeometrical Studies (INSTAP Academic Press): 315-324.[PDF]
  • Sarpaki, A. & Kanta, A., 2011. ‘Monastiraki, in the Amari region of Crete: some interim archaeobotanical insights into Middle Bronze Age subsistence’, Πεπραγμένα Ι’ Διεθνούς Κρητολογικού Συνεδρίου (1-8 Οκτωβρίου 2006), Vol. A1 (Χανιά): 247-270. [PDF]


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