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9 January 2019

2 post-doc positions at the University of Bologna

Deadline: 22 January 2019

We are delighted to draw your attention to two post-doc positions (initially 3 years, renewable for a further 2 years) at the University of Bologna, Department of Classical Philology and Italian Studies, as part of the ERC project (Consolidator 2018-2023): INSCRIBE –Invention of Scripts and their Beginnings.

INSCRIBE is devoted to the analysis of the invention of writing through a multi-stepped methodology that includes linguistics, archaeology, anthropology, iconography, cognitive studies, and digital humanities.

The 2 post-doc positions pertain to the second strand of the project, which focuses on the undeciphered writing systems from the Aegean, dating to the second millennium BCE (Cretan Hieroglyphic, Linear A and Cypro-Minoan).

Candidates are expected to have a PhD in a related subject, and to devote their research to:

  1. The analysis of the relationship between Cretan Hieroglyphic and Linear A, through the lens of palaeography and archaeology.
  2. The analysis of the Cypro-Minoan script vis à vis Linear A.

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