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8 May 2022

Call for application for a doctoral contract position as part of the TiMMA project (2022-2025, 36 months)

Deadline: 30 May 2022

The CRHEC (Center of Historical Research, Paris Est Creteil, UPEC, France) is looking for a candidate to fill the Ph-D contract position connected to the ANR project TiMMA « Timber in Minoan and Mycenaean Architecture (ANR-21-CE27-0029 : 2022-2025) » Principal Investigator : Sylvie Rougier-Blanc (Ancient History, UPEC, CRHEC).

The TiMMA project:

The uses of timber in Mycenaean architecture and in the palaces of the neopalatial period in Crete were identified very early on and have been summarised in works devoted to the architecture of these periods. However, they have never been the subject of an overall study or a comparative approach. The TiMMA project proposes to fill this gap for a selected number of sites in Greece and Crete and through a multidisciplinary approach. The first objective is to understand the role of timber in Minoan and Mycenaean Architecture (load bearing system, strenghtening, parasismic or not) and deals with history of techniques; the second one is to question the existence of transfers of craftsmen and techniques between Minoans and Mycenaens (political and geopolitical aspect, cultural questions). The last objective is to propose technically coherent 3D reconstructions and concerns history of architecture. English is the language of the project.

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