Aegeus Society For Aegean Prehistory


Annual subscriptions to Aegeus will be formulated as following:

Individuals: 40 euros or 30 euros (for persons in hardship)

Couples: 50 euros

Unemployed graduate students, researchers and field archaeologists: 25 euros or 20 euros

Institutions (non- profit or profit):  50 euros

You may renew your subscription with one of the following ways:

  1. During the Aegeus annual meeting (usually taking part in May or beggining of June). Alternatively you can renew your subscription during any other Aegeus event such as the Aegean lectures.
  2. By depositing your subscription into the bank account of Aegeus making sure you don’t omit your own name when making the deposit.  Details of our bank account:
    Aegeus – Society for Aegean Prehistory
    National Bank of Greece
    ΙΒΑΝ : GR6101101070000010747074788
  3. Renewing your subscription by PAYPAL: If you had chosen to pay your subscription by PAYPAL then you might have chosen the automatic renew option of your subscription. In that case PAYPAL will automatically renew your subscription a year after your initial payment. If you have not cancelled this option then do not attempt to pay your subscription again before the date of the automatic renewal as this will result in you being charged twice. When your subscription is renewed you will be notified by email from PAYPAL as well as from Aegeus.
  4. Paying by PAYPAL (for first time users): If you wish to pay by VISA card (through the secure website of PAYPAL) then select one of the options available by PAYPAL. If you choose one of the first three options then your subscription will be automatically renewed in exactly a year. If you do not wish that, then you can cancel the annual renewal of your subscription once you have made your initial payment.

For the annual subscription fee of 40 Euros press here:


For the annual subscription fee of 25 Euros (for unemployed archaeologists and students) press here:


For the annual subscription fee of 50 Euros (Institutions and couples) press here:


Donation via PAYPAL: