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Sunday 20 February 2011

Mainland Polychrome Pottery in Mainland Greece and the Aegean

Iro Mathioudaki University of Athens. Faculty of History and Archaeology 2011

Mainland Polychrome Pottery in Mainland Greece and the Aegean

Description: 2 vols (A4), 460 p. (both volumes), 16 plates, 30 pages with figures and pottery drawings, 1 map

Country: Greece

Supervisor: N. Sgouritsa

Other supervisors: G. Korres, E. Platon

Examiners: N. Sgouritsa, G. Korres, E. Platon, A. Chasiakou, E. Mantzourani, A. Grammenou, Y. Papadatos


Τhe subject of the thesis is a very impressive pottery ware, that bears decoration of two –or sometimes three- colors. The ware is known as “Mainland Polychrome” and makes its appearance at the dawn of the Late Bronze Age. Mainland Polychrome ware has not been the subject of a comprehensive study that takes into consideration the contextual environment of pots and sherds of this style from Mainland Greece and the Aegean islands. This enterprise is the main goal of the thesis. The study provides also the chronological basis for Mainland Polychrome pots and their context. The secure dating of the ware is one of our main concerns here and is related to a certain grade to the long discussion about the division of the early Late Bronze Age period. Mainland Polychrome pottery could now be used as a chronological indicator of the Late Helladic I as a par excellence style of the period. The chronological range of the final stage of the Middle Bronze Age and the beginning of the Late Bronze Age has been subjected into alterations in this study, since wares that have been considered as earlier in the past are now proved to be later having as a result the ‘shrinkage’ of the Middle Bronze Age, on one hand, and the continuation of a large range of Middle Helladic types and wares into the Late Bronze Age, on the other; to the latter we could now add Mainland Polychrome pottery. What is also particularly useful and innovative in this study is the use of theoretical models adopted from the field of the Material Culture Studies (i.e. aesthetics) in the examination of the role and function that Mainland Polychrome pottery played.




Το θέμα [4]

Διάρθρωση [11]

Μεθοδολογία [14]


Ορισμός [18]

Τα μοτίβα [23]

Τα σχήματα [56]

Στοιχεία Τεχνολογίας [86]

Tυπολογικές συνάφειες

Άλλες κατηγορίες πολύχρωμης κεραμεικής [97]

Η σχέση με τη Μινυακή κεραμεική [106]


Εισαγωγή [110]

Ανάλυση αρχαιολογικών συναφειών [117]

Σύνοψη δεδομένων [171]

Θεωρητική προσέγγιση

Η γενική εικόνα [180]

Χρήση και λειτουργία [192]





Εύτρηση [2]

Ορχομενός [17]

Κίρρα [27]

Ελάτεια [50]

Ελευσίνα [55]

Πλάσι [59]

Κολώνα Αίγινας [60]

Κοράκου [62]

Μυκήνες – Ταφικός Κύκλος Α [71]

Μυκήνες – Ταφικός Κύκλος Β [80]

Μυκήνες – Ακρόπολη [86]

Πρόσυμνα [87]

Λέρνα [90]

Τίρυνθα [98]

Άργος [107]

Ασίνη [111]

Αγ. Ειρήνη Κέας [114]

Ακρωτήρι Θήρας [122]

Φυλακωπή [127]

Συλλογή οστράκων Λεονάρδου (Ναύπλιο) [128]

Συλλογή οστράκων Αγγλικής Σχολής [140]

Συλλογή οστράκων Αμερικανικής Σχολής [149]

Πίνακες [157]

Φωτογραφίες και Σχέδια [181]


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