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15 September 2010

Kretika Chronika (Κρητικά Χρονικά)

Kretika Chronika was a groundbreaking journal published in Heraklion from 1947 onwards by Andreas G. Kalokerinos. For many decades it was one of the primary catalysts for Cretan studies. Its pages hosted hundreds of original articles and studies in the fields of archaeology, history, folklore and literary scholarship, focused on the history and culture of Crete from ancient times to the early 20th century. Contributors included leading scholars such as Nikolaos Platon, Menelaos Parlamas, Stylianos Alexiou, Doro Levi, George Miles, Manousos Manousakas, Emmanouil Kriaras, Nikolaos Panagiotakis, Gareth Morgan and Spiros Marinatos, as well as dozens more. Proof of the journal’s high academic merit came in the form of an award by the Academy of Athens in 1952.

Although the first fourteen volumes of the Kretika Chronika (I/1947 – XIV/1960) have been out of print for many years, interest among researchers and a wider reading public in their contents has never waned. It was on those grounds that the Society of Cretan Historical Studies proposed that the rarer volumes be digitized as part of the “Information Society” programme, so that the 405 articles contained within them could be made available online to all interested parties.


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