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8 December 2014

Mycenaean Foundation

The Mycenaean Foundation is a non-profit corporation registered in the State of Missouri in 1967 at the initiative of the late George Mylonas, renowed archaeologist, archaeology professor at Washington University, St. Louis, and excavator of Mycenae (1952-1988). The Mycenaean Foundation is currently based at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., and maintains a foreign base of operations at Mycenae, Argolid, Greece under the legal status of a foreign non-profit organization.

The Mycenaean Foundation operates exclusively for scientific, educational, cultural, and charitable purposes under Section 501 (c). Among other contributions, the Foundation sponsors the archaeological excavations of Mycenae and subsidizes scholarly publications, provides a summer base of operations for the Mycenae excavation team (including a library, study rooms, lab and work space for archaeologists, students, and technicians), offers accommodation for Greek and American scholars working at Mycenae, makes contributions to various archaeological organizations, promotes interest in Mycenaean archaeology through lectures and seminars, and fosters Greek-American collaboration.

The Mycenaean Foundation recently initiated negotiations to conglomerate an academic consortium of select U.S. and Greek colleges and universities in order to establish on its privately-owned campus at Mycenae an international Center for Archaeology. The Center will offer an undergraduate semester/year study abroad program for American students and a Master’s program for Greek and foreign graduate students. The Mycenaean Foundation further aims to sponsor new archaeological projects at other Aegean prehistoric sites under the auspices of the Society for Prehistoric Archaeology, train undergraduate students in archaeological fieldwork, establish scholarships for graduate students studying Aegean Prehistory and research fellowships for scholars. Charitable donations to the Mycenaean Foundation are tax deductible.


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