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15 November 2009

The archaeological sites of the Aegean “Minoans”

The Aegean “Minoan” 3D GIS Project has been created by W. Sheppard Baird. It was initiated in 2007 to produce a three-dimensional (3D) full-color mapping of the archaeological sites of the Minoan times in the Aegean Sea area using Google Earth. It is intended to be a definitive geographical reference available to everyone. While this is an ongoing project, it is by far the most comprehensive and accurate mapping of its kind ever made and includes the sites and features listed below.

All sites are referenced to the archaeological literature and have links to additional descriptive and visual information with some exceptions. 3D virtual reality panoramas like Bruce Hartzler’s Metis QTVR catalog and the British School at Athens’ 3D virtual reality tour of Knossos are included and all sites listed on Ian Swindale’s “Minoan Crete” website are linked to it.


Παρακαλούμε τα σχόλιά σας να είναι στα Ελληνικά (πάντα με ελληνικούς χαρακτήρες) ή στα Αγγλικά. Αποφύγετε τα κεφαλαία γράμματα. Ο Αιγεύς διατηρεί το δικαίωμα να διαγράφει εκτός θέματος, προσβλητικά, ανώνυμα σχόλια ή κείμενα σε greeklish.