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7 October 2011

Therasia Project

The Therasia Project is a multidisciplinary study of the history of the island that is operated by a) the University of Crete, Department of History and Archaeology (supervisor: Professor Iris Tzachili)  b) the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Department of  Architecture and the Postgraduate Interdepartmental Program on the Preservation, Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Monuments (supervisor: Professor  Clairy Palyvou) and  c) the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, 11th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities (supervisor: Dr Marisa Marthari).

The Project covers the following areas of research:

  • History and Archaeology
  • Archeological Surface Survey
  • Geology
  • Ecosystem
  • Settlement patterns and Architecture
  • Social Anthropology


Παρακαλούμε τα σχόλιά σας να είναι στα Ελληνικά (πάντα με ελληνικούς χαρακτήρες) ή στα Αγγλικά. Αποφύγετε τα κεφαλαία γράμματα. Ο Αιγεύς διατηρεί το δικαίωμα να διαγράφει εκτός θέματος, προσβλητικά, ανώνυμα σχόλια ή κείμενα σε greeklish.