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 Institute for Oriental and European Archaeology OREA

Institute for Oriental and European Archaeology OREA

Austrian Academy of Sciences

The Institute for Oriental and European Archaeology (OREA) covers essential prehistoric and early historical cultural developments from the Orient to Europe, as reflected in our research focus on Europe, North Africa and the Middle East in the context of world archaeology. The orient and occident are frequently understood as counterpoints in different worlds and explored separately. In this research institute, these areas are deliberately considered a common cultural bracket for crucial advances of human history and are therefore explored together. The focus of basic research lies in the time horizon from the Quaternary, about 2.6 million years ago, to the transformation of societies into historical epochs in the first
millennium BC.

Research methods include archaeological field work (excavations and surveys), material culture studies with diverse archaeometric methods, anthropology and raw materials research as well as interdisciplinary cooperations with a range of different disciplines, including archaeozoology, archaeobotanics, anthracology, palaeogenetics, climatology, geoarchaeology and landscape modelling. The analysis and interpretation of early cultures lies at the core of research efforts, which aim to include all possible sources. This also includes the study of chronologies, art and early writing as well as a broad socio-cultural spectrum such as the economy, society, landscape, resources and identities. At present OREA is undertaking research in seventeen countries on three continents and is the centre for archaeological research into the central Balkans.