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Minoan archaeology

IconAegean – Exploring Aegean Iconography


The IconAegean Database holds images and data on all the seals published in the Corpus der minoischen und mykenischen Siegel (CMS). The seal data is set out in the same format as in the IconAData Database and uses the standard vocabulary as set out in the IconADict Database and the book The Iconography of Aegean Seals.

Digital Crete: Archaeological Atlas of Crete


The project Digital Crete: Mediterranean Cultural ltineries was implemented under the framework of the Greek Operational Program Information Society (Action 1: Education and Culture, Measure 1.3: Documentation, Management and Promotion of Greek Cultural Heritage) which follows up the eEurope initiative of the European Union and which was funded by the 3rd European Community Support Framework. The same funding framework provided support for the continuation of the project (Expansion and Upgrade of Digital Crete). Digital Crete aims towards the cretion of a Cultural information system, consisting of digitized documentation and regarding the cultural heritage of the island of Crete, from prehistory to the modern periods.