Αιγεύς Εταιρεία Αιγαιακής Προϊστορίας

ΑΡΘΡΑ | 2015

When diversity matters: exploring funerary evidence in Middle Minoan III Crete

Studi Micenei ed Egeo-Anatolici 1 (2015, new series): 117-136

Aside from limited studies on individual cemeteries or tomb types, analysis of Middle Minoan III funerary evidence has remained in the shadow. Reasons can be found in the dearth of archaeological remains, and it is useful to remember that most of the evidence for this period, both domestic and funerary, derived mainly from sites occupied in the following period (Late Minoan IA) and destroyed in Late Minoan IB.

A royan gift? Bulk grain storage in Protopalatial and Neopalatial Crete

Studi Micenei ed Egeo-Anatolici 1 (2015, new series): 137-170

Recent years have witnessed a growing interest of Aegean archaeologists in methods of quantifying the subsistence economy in order to obtain a better idea of which parts of society were either economically dependent or in charge respectively.

Cutting the Gordian knot. The iconography of Megaron 2 at Gordion

Opuscula 8 (2015): 99-122

This article examines the incised drawings of Early Phrygian Gordion, and in particular those of Megaron 2. Aspects of their iconographic and archaeological contexts are taken in to consideration, as well as literary sources and especially the story of the Gordian knot.