Aegeus Society For Aegean Prehistory


112th AIA and APA Joint Annual Meeting

Country & City: USA, San Antonio, Texas
Venue: San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter Hotel & San Antonio Marriott Riverwalk Hotel
Date & Time: 2011/01/06 - 2011/01/09

Preliminary Schedule of Paper Sessions
Please note that the timing and order of papers and sessions in the academic program is subject to change. The final program will be distributed at the Annual Meeting.

Friday, January 7th (8:30 AM – 11:30 AM)

SESSION 1C: Mycenaean Field Research

Lynne A. Kvapil (University of Cincinnati), ‘Untangling Mycenaean Terracing: Landscape Modification and Agricultural Production at Korphos-Kalamianos’

Michael Franklin Lane (University of Maryland Baltimore County), ‘AROURA: Geophysical Survey Around the Mycenaean Stronghold of Gla—Theory, Methods, First Annual Report’

David Gilman Romano (University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology), Mary E. Voyatzis (University of Arizona) & Michalis Petropoulos (Ephoreia of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, Tripolis), ‘A Mycenaean Shrine at the Altar of Zeus on Mt. Lykaion’

Susan Lupack (University College London), Vassilis Aravantinos (9th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities), Brendan Burke (University of Victoria), Bryan Burns (Wellesley College) & Yannis Fappas (9th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities), ‘The Eastern Boeotia Archaeological Project, 2007-2010: The Surface Survey’

Friday, January 7th (12:30 PM – 2:30 PM)

SESSION 2A: Neolithic and Early Bronze Age Mediterranean

Andrew M.T. Moore (Rochester Institute of Technology), Marko Menđušić (Ministry of Culture, Croatia) & Joško Zaninović (Drniš Museum, Croatia), ‘The Spread of Farming to Mediterranean Europe: New Insights from the Early Farming in Dalmatia Project’

Lilian Doyiama (McMaster University), ‘People on the Go: Settlement and Seasonality in Early Neolithic Northern Greece: The Case of Mikri Volvi’

Stuart MacVeagh Thorne (Netherlands Institute at Athens), ‘A Fortified Final Neolithic Acropolis in Laconia’

Elena Zavvou (Epigraphical Museum Athens), Athanasios Themos (Epigraphical Museum Athens), Stuart Thorne (Netherlands Institute at Athens) & Mieke Prent (VU University, Amsterdam), ‘Kastelli Keratitsas: An Early Helladic Fortification in an Upland Valley of Laconia;

SESSION 2H: Recent Research on Anatolia and Mesopotamia

Owen Doonan (California State University Northridge), Mark Besonen (Texas A&M University Corpus Christi), Aksel Casson (McGill University), Krzystof Domzalski (Institute of Archaeology, Warsaw), Emre Evren (Tespit Muhendislik, Istanbul), Matthew Conrad (California Polytechnic University Pomona) & Alex Bauer (Queens College, City University of New York), ‘Sinop Regional Archaeological Project: 2010 Season Report’

Lee Ullmann (Columbia University), ‘Movement and the Making of Place in the Hittite Landscape’

Paul Zimanksy (Stony Brook Universtiy), ‘Rearranging Rusas: Archaeological Implications of a New Urartian Chronology’

Elizabeth Baughan (University of Richmond) & İlknur Özgen (Bilkent University), ‘Recent Excavations at Hacımusalar Höyük (Choma)’

SESSION 2I: Poster Session

Gypsy Price (University of Florida), Jackie Meier (University of Connecticut) & Kim Shelton (University of California, Berkeley), ‘Destruction and Death: Preliminary Observations of Archaeological Fauna from the Petsas House Well’

Angelina D. Phebus (College of Charleston) & James M.L.Newhard (College of Charleston) & Norman Levine (College of Charleson), ‘Analyzing Bronze Age Terrestrial and Marine Communication Routes in the Saronic Gulf and Argolid’

Jamie D. Aprile (The University of Texas at Austin), ‘Testing Old Data with New Questions: Results of a Distributional Analysis of the Late Helladic IIIA and IIIB Deposits at Nichoria’

Colleen Kron (University of Pennsylvania), ‘The Reed Motif in the Cretan Collection of the University of Pennsylvania Museum: A Diachronic Analysis of Landscape Representations on Minoan Pottery’

Nicholas P. Herrmann (Mississippi State University), J. Rocco de Gregory (Mississippi State University) & Hillary Sparks (University of Alberta), ‘Bioarchaeological Research at Mitrou, a Bronze and Iron Age Site in East Lokris, Greece’

Friday, January 7th (2:45 PM – 5:15 PM)

SESSION 3A: Minoan Crete

Emily Miller (California State University Fullerton), ‘What the Cities of the Dead Can Tell Us about the Cities of the Living: Revisiting Early Bronze Cemeteries on Crete’

Thomas M. Brogan (INSTAP Study Center for East Crete) & Chrysa Sofianou (KD’ Ephoreia of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities), ‘The Protopalatial Settlement at Papadiokampos’

John G. Younger (University of Kansas), ‘Integrating the Petras Hieroglyphic Deposit’

Jeffrey S. Soles (University of North Carolina at Greensboro) & Costis Davaras (University of Athens), ‘2010 Excavations at Mochlos, Crete’

Miriam G. Clinton (University of Pennsylvania), ‘New Evidence for Minoan Staircases’

Dygo Tosa (The University of Texas at Austin), ‘The Preservation of Minoan Identity at da-*22-to’

SESSION 3C – Colloquium: A Half Century of Nautical Archaeology: Revisiting Excavations

Nicolle Hirschfeld (Trinity University), George F. Bass (Institute of Nautical Archaeology at Texas A&M University) & Cemal Pulak (Institute of Nautical Archaeology at Texas A&M University), ‘Cape Gelidonya Revisited’

Cemal Pulak (Institute of Nautical Archaeology at Texas A&M University) & Yuval Goren (Tel Aviv University), ‘Uluburun Revisited’


Dimitri Nakassis (University of Toronto), ‘Building a Better Model of Mycenaean Society’

Julie Hruby (Berea College), ‘Ritual, Food, Change, and Stasis at the Palace of Nestor at Pylos’

Joanne M. A. Murphy (University of North Carolina Greensboro), ‘Small Finds, Big Difference: Non-Ceramic Artifacts in the Tombs Near the Palace of Nestor, Pylos’

Shannon LaFayette (University of Cincinnati), ‘Squatters in the Palace of Nestor? Additional Evidence for Post-Destruction Activity’

Saturday, January 8th (8:30 AM – 11:30 AM)

SESSION 4G: Travel, Trade, and the Aegean Sea

Aleydis Van de Moortel (University of Tennessee), ‘The Middle Bronze Age Boat From Mitrou: Evidence for Bronze Age Aegean Boatbuilding Principles’

Dimitra Kriga (Technological Educational Institution of the Ionian Islands), ‘“Up high- down low”: Re-examining the Theran Volcanic Eruption Issue Based on the Imported Pottery Evidence at Akrotiri’

Carl Knappett (University of Toronto), Ray Rivers (Imperial College London) & Tim Evans (Imperial College London), ‘Neopalatial Networks: Knossos Before and After the Theran Eruption’

Rodney D. Fitzsimons (Trent University) & Evi Gorogianni (University of Akron), ‘Dining on the Fringe? A Possible Minoan-Style Banquet Hall at Ayia Irini, Kea’

Natalie D. Abell (University of Cincinnati), ‘The Beginning of the Late Bronze Age at Ayia Irini, Kea: A Ceramic Perspective from House B’

Salvatore Vitale (University of Pisa), ‘The Serraglio, Eleona, and Langada Archaeological Project (SELAP). Report on the 2010 Study Season’

Saturday, January 8th (12:30 PM – 2:30 PM)

SESSION 5E: Bronze Age Aegean Ceramic Analysis

Anastasia Dakouri-Hild (University of Virginia), Malia Johnston (University of Cape Town) & Maury Morgenstein (Geosciences Management International), ‘Ceramic Production in LBA Thebes: A Summative Assessment based on Recent Fieldwork’

Erica Morais Angliker (Zurich University), ‘The Influence of Glyptic Art on Minoan Larnakes Painting’

Arianna Trecarichi (University of Pisa) & Salvatore Vitale (University of Pisa), ‘Mycenaeanization and Local Traditions on Kos. A Typological and Functional Examination of the Locally produced Anatolianizing Ceramics from the “Serraglio,” Eleona, and Langada’

Jennifer Moody (University of Texas at Austin), Jane Francis (Concordia University) & Harriet Robinson (AIA Member at Large), ‘Sponge Spicule Ceramic Fabrics in Minoan and Post-Minoan Crete’

Saturday, January 8th (2:45 PM – 5:15 PM)

SESSION 6G: Mycenaean Crafts

Nicholas G. Blackwell (Bryn Mawr College), ‘Parallels between Mycenaean and Hittite Tools’

Eleni Drakaki (Metropolitan Museum of Art), ‘Innovation from the Peloponnesian ‘Periphery’: The Case of Seal CMS V S. 1B 154 from Voundeni, Achaia’

Teresa Hancock Vitale (University of Toronto) & Salvatore Vitale (University of Pisa), ‘Jewellery and Adornments from the Mycenaean Cemeteries of Eleona and Langada on Kos: A Reflection of Social Status’

Kerill O’Neill (Colby College), ‘EH Bulls, Exotic Mycenaean Beasts, and a Hellenistic Baubo: Unusual Figurines from Mitrou’

Arinn D. Cirulis (University of British Columbia), ‘900 Years of Textile Technology at Mitrou’

Sunday, January 9th (8:30 AM – 11:30 AM)

SESSION 7D – Colloquium Glyptic Studies in the 21st Century

ORGANIZERS: Sarah J. Scott, Wagner College, and Sarah K. Costello, University of Houston
DISCUSSANT: Mark Garrison, Trinity University

Yelena Z. Rakic (The Metropolitan Museum of Art), ‘Sealing Practices in the Akkadian Period’

Andrew P. McCarthy (University of Edinburgh), ‘The First Women Bureaucrats: Gender and Glyptic in 4th-3rd Millennia Northern Mesopotamia’

Maria Anastasiadou (Corpus der minoischen und mykenischen Siegel, Marburg), ‘A Middle Minoan and an Archaic (?) Reel with Similar Iconography’

Sarah Cappel (Institut für Klassische Archäologie Universität Heidelberg), ‘Minoan Sealing Practice in a Transcultural Perspective’

Joanna Smith (Princeton University), ‘Authenticity, Seal Recarving, and Authority in the Late Bronze Age’