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Welcome to the Aegean Book Reviews!

Our goal is to keep up with current scholarly publications, promoting and evaluating publications within the disciplines of Aegean and Cypriot prehistoric Archaeology and related fields (Environmental Archaeology, Social Anthropology, Informational Technology and Archaeology, etc.) Reviews can be submitted by members and friends of Aegeus after agreement with the Reviews Committee.

There are no particular restrictions as to the type of book reviewed. However the Reviews Committee reserves the right to assess whether the reviewed material complies with the general interests of Aegeus. Reviews are accepted only in English or Greek (or in both languages). All book reviews will initially appear on the official website of Aegeus, while later they will also become available in printed format, as part of Aegean Studies.

Members and friends of Aegeus who wish to submit a review should contact a member of the Committee.

The Aegean Book Reviews Committee:

Anastasia Christophilopoulou (ac380 [at]

Colin Macdonald (colin.f.macdonald [at]

Tatiana Theodoropoulou (tatheod [at]