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17 June 2013

Farewell to a great teacher. Archaeologist Spyros Iakovides dies at 90

Archaeology & Arts, 17-06-2013

The archaeological community in Greece and beyond sends farewell to Spyros Iakovides, a great archaeologists and academic, specialized in the Mycenaean world.

Born in Athens (1923), Spyros Iakovides graduated from the University of Athens with a degree in Archaeology (1946). From 1952 up to 1954 worked as an archaeological curatot but his great passion was archaeology through fieldwork and academia. He taught at the Universities of Athens, Marburg, Heidelberg and Pennsylvania, while he was also a member of the Archaeological Society in Athens and many other institutions in Greece and abroad. He was also a member of the Academy of Athens.

His publication list isimmense. He published in Greek [“The Mycenaen Acropolis of Athens” (1962), “Perate” (1969-1970), “Mycenaen Acropoleis” (1973), “Glas” (2 vols., 1989, 1998 respectively), “Mycenae-Epidaurus” (2002)], English [“Late Helladic Citadels on Mainland Greece” (1988), “Gla and the Kopais” (2001)] and German [“Vormykenische und Mykenische Wehrbauten” (1977)].

His funeral will take place tomorrow, Tuesday, 18/06/2013 , 11 am.


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