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12 May 2013

Greece drafting case on antiquities looted by Nazis

Archaeology News Network, 12-05-2013

Greece is preparing a case for the return of antiquities looted by the Nazis during World War II, officials said on Friday.“The entirety of the archaeological service’s archives is under investigation” in a search for photographs and sketches of lost items, the general secretariat for culture said in a statement. “Final and scientifically documented conclusions on the issue of Greek cultural treasures looted during the (Nazi) occupation will be drawn in the coming months,” the secretariat said.

The search will also cover Byzantine and post-Byzantine relics whose destruction or seizure had not been properly examined until now. The culture secretariat added that tens of thousands of Neolithic shards illegally taken out of Greece during the 1941-1944 occupation are to be repatriated from Germany. “The repatriation procedures are being completed,” it said. The Nazi occupation period still weighs heavy on Greeks and continues to color the perception of Germany.

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