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26 February 2012

NARNIA Training course – Introduction to the Archaeometallurgy of Cyprus

The Archaeological Research Unit of the University of Cyprus is pleased to announce a five-day training course on the Archaeometallurgy of Cyprus. This training activity is organised in the framework of the New Archaeological Research Network for Integrating Approaches to ancient material studies (NARNIA), a Marie Curie Initial Training Network, funded by the European Union.

One-hour lectures will be delivered by Prof. James Muhly, Prof. Bernard Knapp, Prof. Edgar Peltenburg, Prof. Thilo Rehren, Dr Vasiliki Kassianidou, Dr George Papasavvas, Dr Roger Doonan, Dr Anno Hein, Dr Myrto Georgakopoulou, Dr Erez Ben Yosef and Ms Maria Socratous, followed by excursions to copper mines and ancient metallurgical and archaeological sites around the island. The main objective of this training course is to provide a thorough introduction to the history and archaeology of ancient Cypriot metallurgy and metalwork from the prehistoric to Roman times, as well as the techniques used for the study of archaeometallurgical remains.
The course is open to interested researchers outside the NARNIA community and participation is free of charge. However, you are kindly requested to express your interest in participating in this course as soon as possible as places are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Additional information
Host Organisation: Archaeological Research Unit, University of Cyprus
Course coordinators: Vasiliki Kassianidou and George Papasavvas
Dates: 07-11 May, 2012
Location: Archaeological Research Unit, University of Cyprus, 12 Gladstonos Street, 1095 Nicosia, Cyprus
Open to the public: Yes
No. of places available:  max 30 participants
Fee: no fee
Contact person: Maria Dikomitou Eliadou, email:
The detailed program for the training course will be announced on the NARNIA website ( in due course.


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