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2 November 2012

Olivier Pelon passed away

We are very sad to announce the death of Olivier Pelon on 23rd of October 2012 (in Athens). Olivier Pelon was Professor Emeritus at the University Lumière-Lyon 2 where he held the Chair of Archaeology of Ancient Near East. He was member of the French School at Athens since 1962. His main interests focused in Minoan archaeology, architecture and particularly funerary architecture. His most well-known book is Tholoi, tumuli, et cercles funéraires: recherches sur les monuments fuńéraires de plan circulaire dans l’Egée de l’âge du Bronze (IIIe et IIe millénaires av.J.-C.), published in 1976 (École française d’Athènes). In the 1970s and 1980s Pelon excavated at Mallia. He was also director at the excavation of Porsuk Cappadocia from 1969 to 2002.

Other publications include:

Olivier Pelon 1970. Fouilles exécutées à Mallia. Explorations des maisons et quartiers d’habitation (1963-1966), Troisième fascicule [Études crétoises XVI], Paris: École française d’Athènes.

Pelon, O., Andersen, E. & Olivier, J.-P., 1980. Le palais de Malia V (2 vols) [Études crétoises XXV], Paris: École française d’Athènes


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