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15 October 2012

Rare obsidian mirrors found in the ancient settlement of Çatalhöyük

Hurriyet Daily News, 13-10-2012

Excavations at Çatalhöyük unearth funerary gift mirrors, a very rare finding in the ancient settlement. A technique called georadar is being used in the excavations and suggests the city was an egalitarian society. Two rare funerary gift mirrors have been discovered in a tomb in the ancient settlement of Çatalhöyük in the Central Anatolian province of Konya, where a new “georadar” technique is being used. The settlement, which has been undergoing excavations for 50 years, is considered the first city established in the Near East. The assistant director of the Çatalhöyük excavations, Serap Özdöl of Aegean University, said that when many societies in the world had not adopted settled life, 8,000 people in Çatalhöyük had established themselves in “urban life.”

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