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11 November 2013

Thessalian lake yields important discoveries

Archaeology News Network, 11-11-2013

Thessalian lake yields important discoveries

A Hellenistic farm-house, a Neolithic settlement, an inn, a ceramic furnace and scores of artifacts were discovered by archaeologists at Lake Karla located in Thessaly in central Greece. These discoveries were made during the course of rescue excavations before the lake is turned into a major water reservoir.According to official reports, the archaeologists uncovered a large farmhouse with numerous rooms in an area called “Tserli” which dates to the Hellenistic period (2nd century BC) and which has yielded over 500 artefacts.

A Late Neolithic settlement within a walled enclosure also yielded scores of ceramics and sculptures in the area designated Amygdale-1. Nearby, at Amygdale-2, they found a farm-house and ceramic furnace dating to the Hellenistic period and which may have served as an inn. The archaeologists also unearthed a section of another stone-built enclosure wall, a stone-built bench, two children’s cist graves and a rectangular construction dating to the Middle Bronze Age at Amygdale-3.

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