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5 February 2019

P.M. Warren Visiting Professorship in Aegean Prehistory

Deadline: 7 March 2019

Founded in 2004, the IGRCT (University of Bristol) promotes research in many fields, including history, archaeology, literary studies, art history, and philosophy, and has a particular focus on research that explores the links between ancient and modern.

Thanks to a generous donation by the Institute for Aegean Prehistory, the IGRCT is pleased to offer up to two P.M. Warren Visiting Fellowships in Aegean Prehistory during the academic year 2019-20.

The Visiting Fellowship is open to both overseas and UK/EU established scholars. Recently retired scholars are also eligible. The Visiting Fellowship is tenable for a minimum of 4 and up to a maximum of 8 weeks (during term time) and carries an honorarium of approximately £4,400.

P.M. Warren Visiting Fellowship 2019-20 (Office document, 2,567kB)

For further information please contact:

The Institute of Greece, Rome, and the Classical Tradition, University of Bristol, Maggs House (Westpoint), Suite 308, 78 Queen’s Road, Bristol BS8 1QU, UK

TELEPHONE: (+44) (0)117 42 82288



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