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5 January 2016

“…ὄρος Βέρμιον ἄβατον ὑπὸ χειμῶνος”: Landscape and habitation in semi-mountainous Imathia

Ευαγγελία Στεφανή In Μ. Tiverios, P. Nigdelis & P. Adam-Veleni (eds), Threpteria: Studies on Ancient Macedonia (Thessaloniki 2012): 26-63


This study presents a synthesis of old and new data on the organization and development of habitation in semi-mountainous Imathia, specifically Southeastern Bermion. The introduction presents an overview of contemporary trends in the archaeology of place and periphery studies, which examine human activities as integrated not only in time but also in their natural production spaces. The second part summarizes the natural features of the area under examination (flora, fauna, climate, geomorphology), while the third part points out references to Bermion found in the ancient sources. The fourth section follows with a presentation of the data from all the regions where archaeological investigation has been carried out to date. In the final section of the paper there is an effort to synthesize the data and arrive at specific observations regarding the evolution of settlement patterns and models in Bermion from the Prehistoric period down to late antiquity. Issues such as the nature of the sites, their duration of use, possible causes for their abandonment or destruction, alterations in occupation characteristics from period to period and others are discussed.



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