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16 January 2013

Aegeus – Society for Aegean Prehistory, in collaboration with τhe Swedish Institute at Athens, announces the launch of the Aegean Lectures

Archaeology & Arts, 15-01-2013

The Swedish Institute at Athens, in collaboration with Aegeus – Society for Aegean Prehistory, announces the launch of the Aegean Lectures. The Aegean Lectures are designed to present new findings, new excavations and new research studies on the prehistory of the Aegean and neighbouring regions, such as Cyprus and Asia Minor, from the Palaeolithic to the Early Iron Age (Geometric times).

The Aegean Lectures aspire not only to add to the rich range of lectures taking place in Athens and around the world, but to signal a new approach towards open communication between the research community and the public. The lectures are focused mostly on the presentation of new findings and new excavations as well as on the excavation process itself in order to provide a more comprehensive picture of these important aspects of archaeology. Interdisciplinary approaches and interpretations, as well as the methodologies used, are all fitting topics for presentation and discussion. In addition, special attention is given to the relationship between archaeologists, excavations and local communities. Furthermore, the Aegean Lectures will try to include themes and areas of Greece that have not been widely known to the archaeological community.

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