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18 March 2012

A Cypriote Sherd from Kahun in Context

Carla Gallorini In D. Aston, B. Bader, C. Gallorini, P. Nicholson & S. Buckingham (eds), Under the Potter’s Tree. Studies on Ancient Egypt Presented to Janine, Bourriau on the Occasion of her 70th Birthday (Leuven – Paris – Walpole: Ultgeverij Peeters, 2011): 397-415.


Amongst the “Aegean pottery” published by Petrie in Illahun, Kahun and Gurob, London 1891, plate I, is the upper part of a Cypriote jug in the White Painted III-IV Pendent Line Style Ware. According to Petrie it “was found alongside of pottery of the 12th dynasty in a deep chamber”  somewhere in the town, but Petrie’s failure to illustrate the material found in association with it has led scholars to doubt a Middle Kingdom date for the find. While working on the incised marks on pottery from Kahun, I was able to identify some of the pottery found with the Cypriote jug, and the aim of this paper is to present this material and to try and trace the archaeology of this group back to Petrie’s excavation, in the hope that the results will be of use to scholars interested in the chronology and distribution of the White Painted Pendent Line Style and in the interrelation between Egypt and its neighbours.

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