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5 February 2013

À propos des obsidiennes du palais de Malia

Ludovic Bellot-Gourlet, Olivier Pelon & Michel Séfériadès Bulletin de Correspondance Hellénique 134 (2010): 1-29.


This article treats the obsidians found during recent excavations of the pre- and proto-palatial levels within the palace of Malia or in the immediate proximity. The material has been examined from different angles, beginning with the knapping technique. Several workshops have been identified. Eight types of nucleus have been distinguished, as well as diverse tools used for the knapping. These pieces date primarily to Early Minoan IIA-IIB and attest the existence of a developped industry from this period on. Parallel, element analyses by Particle Induced X-ray Emission have been undertaken to determine the provenience. As expected for the region, the majority of pieces come from Aegean sources on Melos. The five remaining artefacts are attributed on the basis of their geochemical signature to Anatolian sources in Cappadocia. This identification contributes to the documentation of regional distribution networks from Early Minoan II on and underline the interest of targeted analyses of selected obsidian artefacts in this region with the purpose of studying non-Aegean provenances.


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