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30 March 2011

A rare Neolithic find from the Aegean: A fibre from Drakaina Cave, Kephalonia Island, W. Greece

Marie-Louise Nosch, Bridget Murphy, Bodil Holst, Irene Skals, Georgia Stratouli & Anaya Sarpaki Online article (


The article publishes a neolithic fibre from Drakaina Cave (Kephalonia, Greece). This uncommon material was found in a rich archaeological unit of the eastern roofed part of the cave, particularly in the southern part of trench Δ5 , excavated in July 2004 and dated most probably to the late 6th millennium BC (radiocarbon dating is pending). Considering the nature of the deposit of this unit, it consisted mainly of ash and charcoal fragments alongside with burnt food remains, i.e. bones, seeds, as well other plant substance. There is little doubt that the unit represents, largely, the in situ remnants of a hearth. From the aforementioned unit/deposit, a soil sample (6 litres in sum) was collected for water flotation, in which the microscopic fibre was discovered.

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