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5 September 2011

An Aegean griffin in Egypt: The hunt frieze at Tell el Dab‘a

Lyvia Morgan Egypt and the Levant. International Journal for Egyptian Archaeology and Related Disciplines XX (2010): 303-323.

Abstract (from the Introduction)

A single griffin, on a scale with the lions and leopards, was found amongst the fragments of Aegean wall paintings dumped outside Palace F at Tell el Dab‘a in the early Tuthmoside period. Like the other felines, the griffin must have been a predator in the Hunt Frieze. Most of the head is preserved, the beak, and part of the wing. Other small fragments identified as belonging to the griffin are the edge of the far wing and three pieces of legs. All are against a yellow ochre background, very slightly darker than the usual yellow and with well-preserved surface, slightly waxy to the touch.


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