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2 March 2013

Ayios Stephanos in southern Laconia and the locations of ancient Helos

Richard Hope Simpson & Richard Janko Studi Micenei ed Egeo-Anatolici 53 (2011): 97-130.

From the introduction

This article originated when R.H.S. drew some of his published and unpublished observations on Laconian topography to the attention of R.J., who had just brought out the final report on the excavations at Ayios Stephanos. Consideration of these observations and of other recent scholarship has led us to reconsider the significance of Ayios Stephanos in the Late Bronze Age, the location(s) of ancient Helos, and the network of premodern roads in the region. The photographs were taken by R.H.S. in 1956 during his extensive survey of southern Laconia, on behalf of the British School, when he first discovered the site of Ayios Stephanos. The maps, compiled by the authors, have been drawn by Jennifer Grek Martin.


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