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5 February 2013

Etude des coutumes funéraires en Crète néopalatiale

Maud Devolder Bulletin de Correspondance Hellénique 134 (2010): 31-70.


The poverty of the Neopalatial funerary record (1650/1640-1440/1430 B.C.) is the subject of this paper, for which both natural and cultural factors are explored. The exposition of corpses to the elements or their crude deposition in natural cavities seems to be the reason for their rarity in the Neopalatial archaeological landscape. It can also be related to ancient Cretan practices. The palatial sphere now appears as the alternative ritual context, better suited to the needs of the population. It seems to take an active part in the marked lack of interest for former, monu­mental, funerary sites, which were key features of the Pre- and Protopalatial periods. Despite the poverty of the corpus, the relevant funerary information is explored. The diversity of the funerary sites is stressed, together with their material content and the ritual practices they were the focus of.


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