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15 September 2010

“Gone with the wind”. Aerial photography of Bâtiment Pi, Malia, Crete (Bronze Age)

Christophe Gaston, Thibaut Gomrée & Maia Pomadère AARGnews. The newsletter of the Aerial Archaeology Research Group 40 (March 2010): 17-24.


The archaeological site of Malia is located on the north shore of Crete, about 30 km east of the island’s modern capital, Heraklion. During the Bronze Age, also known as the Minoan era (about 3000-1400 B.C.), the area progressively developed to become one of the principal palatial centers of the island. The site has been excavated since 1915, revealing a Minoan palace and a surrounding city.

In 2005, a new research program started in a densely inhabited area of the urban center. The excavation revealed a new building, named bâtiment Pi. Since the beginning of the excavation, archaeologists have had the opportunity to work with aerial photographer Christophe Gaston. This article presents both the methodology and the technical equipment used by the photographer on this particular excavation, and the application of this material by archaeologists.


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