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9 January 2011

Heinrich Schliemanns Ausgrabungen in Troia nach osmanischen Quellen

Rüstem Aslan, Reyhan Körpe & Ali Sönmez Studia Troica 18 (2009): 237-248.


Much has already been written about Heinrich Schliemann’s excavations in Troia since 1870. Two main themes are apparent: biographical accounts in commentaries and memoirs of Schliemann’s work and an overwhelming dossier of Schliemann’s own publications, diaries, and letters. These Schliemann documents provide a one-sided picture of the conditions and events of his day. Until today, only very few known or published Ottoman documents are able to correct or supplement this picture. What did Ottoman authorities know about the procedures in Troia, and what did they do with this knowledge? Recent discoveries in archives that address these questions are introduced here for the first time.


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