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15 April 2010

Inferences for use of Skotino Cave during the Bronze Age and later based on a speleological and environmental study at Skotino Cave, Crete

L. Tyree, F.W. McCoy, A. Kanta, D. Sphakianakis, A. Stamos, K. Aretaki & E. Kamilaki Aegean Archaeology 8 (2005-2006) [2009]: 51-63.


Inferences for the use of Skotino Cave in the Bronze Age are based on a speleological and environmental study of the cave conducted in 2007. Level II of the cave, an area excavated by Davaras, was the focus of the inquiry. Three speleological questions were posed for investigation, and answered, even if not definitively: (1) were idiosyncrasies of stalagmites and other natural features in the cave the result of natural processes or of anthropogenic sculpting; (2) were ambient atmospheric conditions – temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide concentrations, and air flow – possibly influential on anthropogenic uses of the cave, including temporary occupation, refuge, and ritual uses; and (3) was light penetration and intensity a possible controlling factor in the Bronze Age use of the cave. Data from this study infer limitations in the uses of the cave.


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