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26 January 2015

Kophinas peak sanctuary. Preliminary results of the pottery study

Alexia Spiliotopoulou Κρητικά Χρονικά 34 (2014), 163-182

From the introduction

The pottery studied and presented here is both from Nikolaos Platon’s rescue excavation in 1961 and A. Karetsou’s and G. Rethemiotakis’s excavation in 1990. During the first period the excavator was able to locate three walls of a perivolos and concentrated on cleaning the prominent rock that protruded on one side of the perivolos and served as its west wall. Platon collected a large amount of human and animal figurines and pottery from around the rock, the rock fissures and the perivolos walls he had excavated. In his reports he dated the sanctuary to MM III based on the fragmentary pottery. During the second period the excavators concentrated mainly on uncovering the whole perivolos, but also conducted a survey in the surrounding region of the sanctuary that produced a lot of interesting observations for future investigations in the area. The amount of pottery from within the walls of the perivolos was larger than the amount of figurines in it.


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