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5 June 2013

La fornace da vasaio TM IB di Haghia Triada. Le ceramiche e il sistema di produzione, distribuzione e consumo (The LM IB ceramic kiln at Hagia Triada: the pottery and the system of production, distribution and consumption)

Dario Puglisi Creta Antica 12 (2011): 199-272.


This study provides a complete and updated edition of the pottery recovered during Levi and Laviosa’s excavation of the LM IB kiln at H. Triada and, on the basis of a reasses­sment of old and new data concerning pottery production in the LM I western Mesara (including Linear A tablet HT 31), proposes a reconstruction, as complete as possible, of the intra- and extra-site system of production, distribution and consumption into which the kiln was inserted.


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