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7 April 2014

Leska. A new peak sanctuary on the island of Kythera

Mercourios Georgiadis Journal of Prehistoric Religion XXIII (2012): 7-24.


The evidence for the existence of a peak sanctuary at Leska in the western part of the island of Kythera is presented. In order to assess the correctness of this identification, the site is compared and contrasted with peak sanctuaries that have been identified on Kythera, at Ayios Yeoryios sto Vouno, and on Crete. Both the topography and the finds indicate the cultic character of the site at Leska. Moreover, the broader landscape context provides a deeper understanding of the cultic environment in this part of the island. Leska offers new and significant evidence for our understanding of peak sanctuaries on both Kythera and Crete.


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