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15 March 2012

Mainland Polychrome Pottery: Aspects of Typology and Chronology

Iro Mathioudaki Aegeo-Balkan Prehistory, online article, 19 May 2009

From the introduction

This contribution concerns the pottery type known as “Mainland Polychrome Matt-painted” that makes its appearance at the dawn of the Late Bronze Age. The term was first used by D. and E. French in 1971 and 1972. Here an intra-ceramic approach is developed, based mostly on the main attributes of the pottery. The term “Mainland Polychrome: Matt-painted” (hereafter: Mainland Polychrome) comprises a taxonomic device serving a ware classification. Surface treatment i.e. light and burnished, is here regarded as the main taxonomic unit, being obvious and present to all examples; in this aspect the definition of the pottery as “Dark-on-Light burnished” would be precise enough.

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