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8 June 2013

Metallurgical production and long-distance interaction – new evidence from LM III Phaistos

Elisabetta Borgna Creta Antica 12 (2011): 289-306.


This paper takes into consideration two fragmentary moulds from the LM IIIC context of the Casa a Ovest del Piazzale I at Phaistos. The identification of the matrix for a bronze win­ged-axe comparable with the well-known item from a mould of Mycenae gives the opportu­nity for having a deeper insight into the relations linking Crete to Italy in the field of metal­lurgical activities at the close of the Late Bronze Age. A quick survey of postpalatial moulds is useful for considering some aspects of the technological koiné ot the 12th century Aegean. Finally, the settlement pattern of Late Bronze Age Crete is reconsidered in particular as regards the interaction dynamics involving the lowland coastal sites on the one hand and the highland inner settlements on the other.


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