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15 March 2012

Prehistoric Pottery from Lofkënd, Albania: From Bronze to Iron Age in the Balkans

Seth Pevnick & Esmeralda Agolli Aegeo-Balkan Prehistory, online article, 17 February 2010

From the introduction

The Lofkënd burial tumulus in the Mallakaster region of Albania was jointly excavated by a team from the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology (CIOA) at UCLA and the Albanian Institute of Archaeology in Tiranë over four seasons (2004-2007), with a fifth season (2008) devoted to study. A preliminary report was published following the second season, and a final publication is now in preparation. The entire tumulus was excavated, uncovering 85 ancient and 15 modern burials, containing a total of over 150 individuals. On the basis of the vertical and horizontal stratification of the tombs, together with secure AMS 14C radiocarbon dates from human bone and charcoal, the Lofkënd burials can be dated to the period from the 14th to the 9th centuries B.C., with ceramic vessels deposited as kterismata especially in tombs of the middle phases.

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