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29 December 2010

Que pouvons-nous soupçonner de l’accentuation du mycénien?

Frederik M. J. Waanders Pasiphae. Rivista di filologia e antichità egee 3 (2009) [2010]: 225-232.


The chronological position of the Mycenaean dialect in between Proto-Greek and Classical Greek allows us to entertain some ideas about Mycenaean accentuation. In this paper, a selection of accentual topics will be dealt with: the limitation rule, the phonetic properties of short final diphthongs, the results of Proto-Greek contractions, the properispomenon rule, the accentuation of verbal forms, the recessive accentuation of some classes of substantive nouns, the accentuation of monosyllabic stem forms (3rd declension), and Wheeler’s law.


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