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17 January 2013

Reassessing the Apesokari Tholos A funerary record: preliminary thoughts

Georgia Flouda Rivista di Archeologia 35 (2011): 111-121.


The scope of this paper is to present the preliminary results of the ongoing systematic study of Tholos Tomb A at Apesokari, which was excavated in 1942 by A. Schörgendorfer. The main focus will be on the new data emerging from the restoration and study of the burial assemblage and on aspects of mortuary behaviour, as materialized by the former and by the architectural features of the tomb. The following issues will be explored: a) Dating the construction of the annex rooms; b) Evidence on the dating of the paved area; c) Establishing the duration of use of the tomb; d) Patterns of the use of space and aspects of mortuary practices that can be deduced from the burial assemblage.

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