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8 October 2011

Sailing the Great Green Sea? Amenhotep III’s “Aegean List” from Kom el- Hetan, Once More

Eric H. Cline & Steven M. Stannish Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections 3.2 (May 2011): 6-16.


Amenhotep III’s “Aegean List,” found on a statue base at his mortuary temple at Kom el- Hetan nearly fifty years ago, is critical for the study of Egypto- Aegean relations during the Late Bronze Age. This article reconsiders the Aegean List’s toponyms and possible function in light of recent archaeological discoveries made at the site as well as the publication of a recently updated version of Elmar Edel’s classic volume on the subject. Among the most important insights in the latter study is the realization that three of the Aegean List’s names were recarved at some point. This article weighs the possibility that the inscription reflects the itinerary of an Egyptian expedition to the Aegean region and raises questions about its proper interpretation.

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