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1 February 2019

Σύμπλεγμα σπηλαίων στα Λουτρά Λουτρακίου Αλμωπίας. Το σπήλαιο «Αποθήκη Ανταρτών»

Zoe Intze & Anastasios Siros In P. Adam-Veleni & Κ. Tzanavari (eds) 2017. Το Αρχαιολογικό Έργο στη Μακεδονία και στην Θράκη 26, 2012, Thessaloniki: 225-232.

A system of caves has been developed on both slopes of the St. Nicolaou gorge, that is located on the foothills of Mt. Voras, approximately 13 kms west of the town of Aridea. “Avra”, “Keramikon”, “Bear”, “Varathron” and “Apothiki Antarton” caves are the most important concerning their archaeological interest. The one called “Apothiki Antarton”, among the largest caves in the area, is situated on the northern bank of the gorge. It is horizontally developed, composed of three main large-dimensioned chambers. Its’ floor is covered with sediments or flowstones, except from the entrance area where it is covered with many fallen limestone blocks.

Archaeological data arise out of a large looters’ trench and two partly excavated squares. The main phase of occupation is set at the early period of late Neolithic. Excavations revealed a thick and widespread destruction layer just under the surface stratum. It is characterized by massive fire remains and a large amount of pottery and bone fragments, containing, among other things, stone and bone implements. The only distinguished structures in situ are a partly unearthed hearth and four narrow pits, probably postholes. Bowl is the dominant pottery shape, followed by cups, jugs, jars and storage vessels. A preference to monochrome well-burnished ware is distinguished, with colors varying from black to brown or red, while a sufficient number of black and red topped fragments is figured as well. The surface is rarely decorated. Incised and impressed motifs are preferred. Scarce are the evidence of plastic, barbotine or painted decoration. Traces of posterior prehistoric and post-byzantine use of the cave, though sporadic, are detected in a restricted section near the entrance.


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