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15 January 2016

The “Culture of Four Lakes”. Prehistoric Lakeside Settlements (6th-2nd mill. BC) in the Amindeon Basin, Western Macedonia, Greece

Panicos Chrysostomou, Tryfon Jakoulis & Andreas Mäder Archéologie suisse 38.3 (2015): 24-32


In the course of the coal mining operation in the Amindeon region the Florina Ephorate of Antiquities mounted large-scale excavations to investigate several prehistoric wetland settlements. A joint project between the Greek Ministry of Culture and the Zurich Underwater Archaeology (Office of Urbanism, Zurich City) was part-funded by the Swiss Federal Office of Culture. Thanks to the well-preserved timber constructions it will be possible to establish a chronological framework for the Balkan region based on dendrochronological data.


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