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10 October 2012

The Cyprus Archaeomagnetic Project (CAMP): targeting the slag deposits of Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean

Erez Ben-Yosef, Ron Shaar, Lisa Tauxe, Thomas E. Levy & Vasiliki Kassianidou Antiquity 85:330 (December 2011): Project Gallery.

From the introduction

The ancient slag heaps of Cyprus contain the story of the island as a regional source of copper throughout the millennia. Located near the ore deposits, many of these heaps were destroyed by modern mining activities and some are still under immediate threat. Far from the more attractive settlements along the coasts, the slag heaps have only recently been systematically investigated and their dating is still problematic. The current UC San Diego-University of Cyprus project focuses on two of the largest slag heaps of the island (Skouriotissa and Mitsero) as well as several smaller deposits, located in the northern foothills of the Troodos mountains and spanning the first millennia BC and AD. Clarifying the stratigraphy and chronology of these heaps together with comparative analysis of the archaeometallurgical material culture will provide solid anchors for the history of metallurgy on the island and a reference for understanding regional metal commerce and connections further afield. High resolution recording of these slag deposits, especially those threatened by development and modern mining, will help in conservation of one of the most important cultural heritage of the island.

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