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8 January 2011

The Early Bronze Age Lithic Industry in Yenibademli Höyük (Gökçeada / Imbros)

Halime Hüryilmaz, Ivan Gatsov & Petranka Nedelcheva Studia Troica 18 (2009): 229-236.


In this paper the first results of the analyses of chipped stone artefacts from Yenibademli Höyük, Gökçeada / Imbros are presented. The settlement dates to the Early Bronze Age II period. The lithic data include more than 1000 stone artefacts, which belong to the categories of cores, cortical specimen, crested specimen, debris, flakes, blades and retouched tools. All raw material varieties were undergone pethrographical analyses. This way 5 raw material varieties have been distinguished, which were used in stone production. These are the following: flint, andezit, limestone, claystone and obsidian. At this stage of research the lithic assemblages processed reveal ad hoc an orientated chipped stone production connected with flake acquiring and tool manufacturing in this Early Bronze Age settlement.


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