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24 April 2013

The early fortification walls of Geraki: Final Neolithic and Early Helladic

Stuart MacVeagh Thorne Pharos XVIII.1 (2011-2012): 105-124.


In 2008 one week of tests below an eroded Early Helladic II floor surface on the acropolis of Geraki revealed the interior face and stone fill of a defensive wall antedating the defenses of the EH period. In 2009 further exploration of this feature, and tests within the stone fill of the wall itself, provided a number of deposits of pottery and stone tools that can be associated with the construction and use of this earlier wall. This paper describes the excavation of the wall and the stratigraphy of the relevant deposits. Some parallels for the early date of the defensive structure are suggested and its implications for Laconia in the FN period are briefly discussed. 


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